The view of KILO is spectacular. Each day we look over the water of the Ij-harbour as in the Golden Age the Dutch captains must have looked over the decks of their trade vessels, just before embarking. This was the place were trade happened. This was the dynamic World Trade Center.

Today at the Ij-harbour shore side (Veemkade) the trade vessels no longer arrive, and the marines disappeared. Instead cruiseships from all over the world dock at the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam. Routing thousands of passengers from all over the world to Amsterdam. Emphasizing the international character of the Ij-harbour today. And local artist and young entrepreneurs working in the former warehouses make this venue even more dynamic.

This spot inspires us day by day to find the best creative legal solutions for our clients: so that our clients can focus on what they do best: running their business.

And we can do what we can do best: advising on corporate laws and insolvency laws, and all other areas of the law business people may run into.